Sf2 specialforces

Sf2 delta

Delta Force was formed after numerous, well- publicized terrorist incidents in the 1970s leading the US to develop a full-time counter- terrorism unit in 1977 based off the SAS..

Sf2 spetsnaz

Formed in 1949, this Russian unit was based on reconnaissance and sabotage forces that were created under the supervision of the Soviet Armed Forces during World War II..

Sf2 sas

Formed July 1941 by David Stirling, the United Kingdom initially created this unit to infiltrate German forces from North Africa and attack from the rear during World War II..

Sf2 gign

In response to the Munich massacre during the 1972 Olympics, the French established a special task force in 1973 known as Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale..

Sf2 gafe

Originally created in 1986 to provide security for the FIFA World Cup in Mexico City, the force was trained by France's GIGN. Now a permanent part of the Mexican military..

Sf2 udt

The South Korean Underwater Demolition Team was established in 1955 taking US NAVY SEAL as its model. They maintain a strong relationship with US Navy SEALs..



Crimsonmamba sf2 000000

Gives a 50% exp boost and a 30% sp boost.

  • Only obtainable in Founder Packages.
  • Bought during Closed Beta and Early Open Beta.


Gives a 50% exp boost and a 30% sp boost.

Grom 000000

Gives a 30% exp boost and a 50% sp boost.