Primary psg1


Semi-automatic. Though it is too heavy to be a military service rifle, it is said to be one of the most accurate semi-automatic sniper rifles in the world..



Unlike bolt action sniper rifes like the 86OCZ and the Cheytec, the HK-Marksmen is semi automatic meaning less time between rounds. The tradeoff is the less damage that results in less one hit kills than the bolt actions.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

PSG-1 Normal Type Mk2 Mk3
Damage 87 87 87
Recoil 0 0 0
Fire Rate 0 0 0
Accuracy 100 100 100
Ammo 5/15 5/15 7/14
Price 50000 SP 30000 SP 30000 SP
Unlock Condition None Get 300 PSG-1 kills Get 600 PSG-1 headshots