A list of current and previous staff for the game.


  • Memphis
    Memphis returns to Soldier Front, ushering in a new generation FPS for Aeria!

Game Masters

  • GMDevo
    GMDevo comes from Team Action, bringing his expertise to Soldier Front 2!
  • GM.Kuma
    GM.Kuma comes fresh to Soldier Front 2, utilizing his vast FPS experience!


  • {GS}Topic
    Topic comes from SF1's Competitive Scene to establish a solid SF2 Comptitive Community.
  • {GS}Ziggy
    Previously a GS for AVA, Ziggy has helped establish a fun and productive ingame and forum environment.
  • {GS}Innovator
    Innovator worked together with Topic and Memphis, he helped the SF1 community grow and prosper.
  • [GS]Terrabyte